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Executive Summary 2022

Moorhead Average Meeting Video



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       Financial Standards                     Financial Standards Scorecard                Financial Standards Definitions

        Corn on Cash Rented

        Soybeans on Cash Rented

        Spring Wheat on Cash Rented

        Sugarbeets on Cash Rented-Excluding Joint Venture


Financial Information

    Whole Farm Financials


 Crop Information

   Moorhead Crop Reports

    Sugarbeets - including Joint Venture

    Sugarbeets - excluding Joint Venture   



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2022 Red River Valley Report

2022 Northern Minnesota Report


2022 State Sort Crops

2022 State Financial Summary

2022 State Sort Dairy


AgCentric-State Reports and Historical Reports

FINBIN  -  Finpack farm financial database

Each year local and regional reports are generated from individual farm records from farm producers who are enrolled in Farm Business Management programs across Minnesota. Other reports are compiled with the cooperation from other States such as North Dakota in the Red River Valley report.  The current financial status of farm operators and net returns from various crop and livestock enterprises are reported.

Farm producers can use these reports to compare their operation to others in the region and state and to determine their own strengths and weaknesses of their farm business.  Other individuals such as agricultural lenders, instructors and consultants should also find this information useful.

The reports are based upon data generated by FINPACK software, developed by the Center for Farm Financial Management, University of Minnesota Extension Service.

The Minnesota Regional reports are made available by the Minnesota State System of Colleges and Universities and are compiled and checked for accuracy by Ron Dvergsten and Josh Tjosaas, Northland Community & Technical College, Del Lecy, Keith Olander, Nathan Converse, Central Lakes College, Aaron Brudelie and Megan Roberts, Minnesota West Community & Technical College and South Central Technical College.  The Red River Valley report is compiled and checked for accuracy by Ron Dvergsten and Josh Tjosaas, Northland Community & Technical College and Bryon Parman, North Dakota State University Extension Service.